Google’s Nexus phones and tablets are currently playing catchup, with Google finally releasing Android 5.1.1 factory images for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 9 LTE – as a bonus, there’s also OTA’s pushing to the devices themselves, as well as a bonus Nexus 4 OTA indicating a factory image for that phone is imminent.

The factory images are now available on the Nexus Factory Images page, which updates the Nexus 5 to build LMY48B, while the Nexus 9 LTE gets a bump to LMY47X matching it’s non-cellular counterpart.

The OTA links are now pushing out to devices which you can now grab from the official Google source and flash to your phones and tablets.

  • Nexus 4 5.1.1 OTA:
  • Nexus 5 5.1.1 OTA:
  • Nexus 9 LTE:
  • If you need some refreshers on how to side-load an OTA update, you can check out our How-To guide.

    Source: Nexus Images.
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    Well 24 hours later and I am very happy with this update. No black screen on the N4 and the N5 has had no issue with networking dropping off, the day before it happened twice.
    Looks like a step in the right direction and 5.1.1 is where Android came good again.


    Sadly updates in Android just make things worse


    Happily you are wrong but too often right.


    Thanks for that. Side-loading the update worked perfectly for me, taking my Nexus 5 from LMY47D to LMY48B. Not sure about your description of the 2nd Nexus 5 update. Going from LMY47I to LMY47B would seem like a downgrade. The name of the linked file indicates that it actually takes a LMY47I device to LMY48B, the latest 5.1.1 factory image that I’m now on. Hopefully Google have merged the Nexus 5 build so that it doesn’t need a separate version for Telstra and a few other telcos, (KTU84Q instead of KTU84P for 4.4.4 and LMY47I instead of LMY47D for 5.1.0).… Read more »


    Thanks guys