+ Thursday August 22nd, 2019

Smart Accessories

Google expands the Pixel Buds real-time translation feature to all Assistant enabled headphones

While the Pixel Buds aren’t the best headphones on the market, they drew a lot of attention when announced thanks to the real-time translation feature showed off during the Made by Google event last year. Now it seems Google has expanded the feature to include all Assistant enabled headphones on …

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Google outlines new improvements coming to Assistant including accessing it from the Lockscreen

Google had a big day on Wednesday, announcing their Pixel 3 phones, Home Hub and Pixel Slate. The new hardware took up the majority of the announcement and with all three devices heavily reliant on Assistant it’s no surprise there’s big updates on that front and this morning Google has …

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Chromecast Gen 3 shows up on Google Store unannounced with no mention of Bluetooth – same specs, same price but a new body

After multiple leaks, the Chromecast Generation 3 didn’t make it to the stage of the Made by Google event this morning, but it’s appeared on the Google Store, though there’s no mention of special features or Bluetooth. As we saw in multiple leaks, this latest generation Chromecast has a re-designed …

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TicTocTrack offers peace of mind for parents with options to track their children via a watch or their smartphone

Keeping an eye on the location of your child is a necessity in this day and age, and Brisbane based company iStaySafe has announced their new platform which lets you do just that with a new smartwatch and smartphone app. The watch and smartphone app allow parents to receive SOS …

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