Poor posture goes with the office environment as much as gossip and poor eating habits. While the latter office calamities can be harder to solve, Upright Technologies range of posture trainers can help you sit up better and look after your back – you only get one, so it’s kind of important to do so!

Today, the company has announced a new version of the Upright Go, which is an evolution from the award-winning technical elements of the Upright Go.  The GO 2 is 50% smaller, three-times as sensitive and boasts an improved, longer-lasting 3-day battery life. Additionally, the adhesive by which it attaches itself to the users back is also 40% bigger, helping wearers with prolonged training and extra comfort.

Todd Lynton, Australian VP of UPRIGHT Technologies, had this to say on the announcement:

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest posture trainer, the UPRIGHT GO 2.

It’s the best, simplest, fastest and most natural way to improve your posture within just 1-2 weeks. By using biometric sensors to detect when you begin to slouch, the device will gently vibrate on your back as an immediate training reminder to sit or stand with good posture.

The fantastic thing about it is that you won’t even know you are wearing it and neither will anyone else.”

Upright GO 2 users can track their progress on the iOS and Android app and view their latest stats, posture history and overall usage. Users can also develop custom training programs.  The GO 2 can even be put into Tracking Mode to record data without emitting vibrations.

We’ve been trying out the Upright Go 2 over the last couple of weeks, and who better to try it out than my mother in law, who spends (what she would say) is too much time in an office chair, and was happy to volunteer. Here’s what she had to say:

As a woman in her mid 50’s who is constantly on the go with work, home, grandchildren etc., when I do get the chance to sit down I know I slouch. I’m tired and I just can’t help it.

I wondered if the Upright Go 2 would be beneficial for me, telling me when I was slouching and reminding me to be more upright.

I received the Upright Go 2 as a trial. It was easy to set up via the app and add my details. It has two settings – training and tracking. You can see your stats in easy to interpret charts.  I also like the pop ups reminders that come on your iPhone.

When I am at work I believed I sat in an upright position however as soon as I started wearing the Upright Go 2, I realised how much I slouch sideways as much as I slouch forward. This was a revelation! Every time I slouched sideways it buzzed me to sit up again. I am now so aware I am correcting myself. I like the training module especially when I am at work. I’m not sure why you would use the track module (no buzzing) when the idea is to try to always stay upright. The adhesive strip stayed on all day and I have had no trouble with it falling off.

I believe the Upright Go 2 would be brilliant for the Gen Y who are a generation of gamers who slouch A LOT.

I know I remind my children to sit up and they roll their eyes at me. Better to have an instrument buzzing on their backs instead of their mother being on their backs!

The Upright GO 2 is available at Apple Stores or uprightpose.com from Wednesday 12th June, and from July 1 will also be available at Officeworks and Bing Lee. It’s RRP is $149.95.

The original Upright GO is also available from Officeworks, Harvey Norman, backtosport.com.au and uprightpose.com, with an RRP of $99.95.