City of Canterbury Bankstown is showcasing its vision for the future of streets, including the Internet of Things, smart technology, new landscapes and designs. The showcase has taken over the plaza terrace space between North Terrace and Bankstown Station to show off what the future will look like in Canterbury Bankstown area through Council’s Future Street activation.

The project, which has temporarily transformed the plaza area into a pop-up ‘future street’ experience, features Wi-Fi equipped smart benches, solar powered bins, e-scooters and e-bikes on display.

Director of Planning for the the Design Place Group, Chris Isles, has said the project demonstrates how councils can engage the local community to interact with smart city strategies in a fun and effective way:

“The CBCity Future Street brings Council’s vision and future plans to life in pop-up format which allows the community to physically experience what a street in Canterbury-Bankstown could look like in the future.

The activation is a leading example of how the concept of ‘Future Street’ that Place Design Group launched in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and Smart Cities Council ANZ, can assist councils in engaging their communities on their future-focused, smart city initiatives,”

The future of streets project will run from June 18th until this weekend on Sunday 24th June 2018, with Council running activations throughout the week. The event is run as a collaborative project between City of Canterbury Bankstown and the Design Group who have teams across Australia, China, and South-East Asia, Place Design Group is an award-winning leader in planning and design with a reputation for forward thinking creative and commercial solutions.

Source: Future Streets.
Source 2: CB City Council.
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    Petrhyce Donovan

    Thanks for the write up, Ausdroid and Alex. It’s great to see so much interest in our Smart Cities work.


    What a waste of money! Better upgrade the Bankstown hospital or build a new one.


    The trouble with Canterbury-Bankstown is that it is a grotty area that no one wants to go to.
    The locals don’t seem sophisticated enough to use future streets. Only kids will use it and then just to play with it.


    The future starts with kids not so?