With Android 10/ Q just around the corner Google is gearing up the after market accessory OEMs to get ready for some of the new hardware features we will see enabled, at least for some hardware. Bluetooth Fast Pair is one such change that’s coming and Google wants headphone manufacturers to be ready.

For those not familiar with Fast Pair Google has combined their nearby service with the Bluetooth stack to create fast and seamless pairing of Bluetooth devices on android, at least for those devices that support the new Google Fast Pair Service. Fast Pair won’t just bring faster easier pairing, Google’s also included native controls for Bluetooth devices that implement the technology.

For compatible Bluetooth headphone and speakers Android 10 will show richer notifications that show more details about the devices and their individual battery status. Take for instance fully wireless earbuds, the new notifications will show the battery level of both earbud sand the charging case, let me tell you that would be a game changer.

Beyond those basic changes Fast Pair will also integrate Bluetooth accessories into Google’s Find My Device system allowing you to both see the devices last connected location, as well as “ring” the lost device if it has a speaker, assuming it’s connected. Android 10 will also bring along a greatly enhanced device details screen natively to the system, allowing control over volumes, Assistant integration as well as basic equaliser settings.

While Google is calling out to developers of new devices to implement Fast Pair going forward there are already a few devices on the market that will be able to support the system automatically. For developers who choose to bring devices to market using Qualcomm’s Smart Headset Development Kit those devices will get immediate support for both Google’s Fast Pair and Google Assistant.

Check out the current list of supported devices below.

  • Anker Spirit Pro GVA
  • Anker SoundCore Flare+ (Speaker)
  • JBL Live 220BT
  • JBL Live 400BT
  • JBL Live 500BT
  • JBL Live 650BT
  • Jaybird Tarah
  • 1More Dual Driver BT ANC
  • LG HBS-SL5
  • LG HBS-PL5
  • Cleer Ally Plus
Source: Google.