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Don’t want to pay for Google storage? There are other options, but you’ll...

The decision from Google to start counting the majority of your stored data towards your Google Drive storage limit has caused something of an outcry from users. But why the outcry? Have we become too...

Creating your connected home entertainment system with the right core hardware

Mobile digital entertainment is part of the world we now live in. But what does that mean for everyone? For me, it means having access to streaming media and my personal collection...

Best of 2019: Phil Tann

At the end of each year itโ€™s always a great reminder to look back over the year that has been. In Ausdroid context that means looking at the reviews weโ€™ve done, reliving the stuff...

Nimbustor 4 NAS Review — Massive functionality to meet almost any need

As our lives become more and more connected, digitally stored and accessible, our storage needs have grown exponentially. This is especially so with the advent of the NBN, making our homes more connected with...

ASUSTOR deliver two NAS models powerful enough for high end home users, with specs...

There are a lot of users who will happily use a NAS to simply store copies of documents on for data safety. Many more will look to backup their PC or laptop through this...

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