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Ford’s 2017 Everest — It’s a mountain of a car

When the opportunity came up to have a play with some more vehicles, we immediately thought "hey, why not?" I took a look at a few cars last year for Ausdroid, on the premise...

Ford invests in Argo AI, showing that everyone wants in on the artificial intelligence...

In 2017, artificial intelligence is everyone's business, including automotive giant Ford. On Friday, the company announced its investment in a startup AI firm, Argo AI. They're investing a whopping US$1bn in the company over...

Tech Showdown: Holden’s Colorado Z71 vs Ford’s Ranger Wildtrak

If I was to sit down and compare two cars, you'd probably be wondering er... why? Just about anyone can compare cars, and reading about such a comparison on Ausdroid is probably like going...

Ford’s EcoBoost Mustang can drive up to 27km on a single litre of fuel

We know not everyone comes here to read about cars, but we do maintain more than a passing interest in complementary technology around our mobile lives, and like it or not, cars are a...

2016 Ford Focus — Ausdroid Drives

Here at Ausdroid, we know Android. We know mobiles, tablets, watches, gizmos and toys. We don't profess to be experts at everything, but we do know what we like ... and with Android Auto...

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