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Hertz survey shows that electric car rentals could help increase EV purchases

Hertz Australia conducted an electric car survey during September 2022 of 1,004 Australian Driver’s Licence holders aged 18+ and it revealed that the car rental industry could be a useful "try before you buy"...

Across Australia many new public electric car charging sites are planned in 2023/2024

During my recent experience with a Hertz Polestar 2 electric hire car in and around Melbourne it was clear that there needs to be a lot more public electric car charging sites to give...

Free Evie Charging for Hertz Polestar 2 Rentals til 27th October 2022

Hertz Australia and Evie Networks have announced that customers who rent a Polestar 2 through Hertz will get free charging on the Evie Public network during their rentals until 27/10/22. The move follows the recent...

Listed: everywhere Aussies can hire electric cars to enjoy a fossil fuel free holiday...

Hertz Australia has just made available lots of Polestar 2's but they're not the only Australian hire car company that has electric vehicles (EV) available. The following details which car rental companies in Australia offer...

Hire an EV for your holiday – Hertz Australia Polestar 2’s available

Aussies who want to hire an electric vehicle (EV) for their next weekend road trip or extended holiday will soon be able to drive out of a Hertz Australia location in a Polestar 2...

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