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Kobo Clara HD and Kindle Paperwhite on sale: buy mum an ereader for Mother’s...

Mother's Day is approaching and one option you could consider if your mum likes to read is an eInk ebook reader from Kobo or Kindle. I like Kobo personally because it supports more ebook file...

Hands On: Kobo’s Nia e-Reader confronts the base level Kindle with the guts of...

In Australia we only have two choices of ebook reader manufacturers: Rakuten's Kobo and Amazon's Kindle. Amazon has a few more famous authors you can buy but you can only buy books from Amazon and...

Hands on with Kobo’s new Libra H2O e-reader

When you think e-reader your mind goes straight to Kindle but there are some other big players in the market. Kobo is one of them and has been for a long time having...

Kobo Clara HD — Australian Review

Kobo are one of the main players in the e-reader market, and while they can't claim the same market recognition as Amazon's Kindle, the brand is a successful (if not quiet) achiever. The Kobo Clara...

Kobo Clara HD eReader launches

Kobo have been a quiet of achiever in the eReader space for some time, this week they’ve dropped a new device aimed at readers who prefer paper over LCD screens - The Clara HD. Having...

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