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Parrot announces new follow-me feature for Bebop 2 drone

A drone isn't competitive these days unless it does more than just fly around with a camera attached, and Parrot is keeping up the pace announcing a couple of new features -- implemented in...

Parrot release 2 new mini-drones at affordable prices

So I don't think its a secret that the team at Ausdroid are pretty heavily into toys, so seeing 2 new drones from Parrot in email this morning raised some eyebrows when we took...

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone — Review

Not long after its release, the opportunity came up to play with… errr, “review’ the Bebop 2 Drone by Parrot. So... it’s not directly “Android” per se, but there is an Android App...

Android Auto at CES – new products from Pioneer, Kenwood and Parrot

Considering its a good 18 months since Google announced its Android Auto initiative, it's taken a while for compatible head units to become readily available in the market. That's starting to change this year...

Parrot launches Zik 3 premium headphones with wireless charging and an Android Wear app...

Parrot hosted a breakfast event at IFA this morning to introduce its high end Zik 3 headphones to the world. The latest version of the well-received Zik range will launch in Europe later this...

Parrot scraps plans to sell their Android Auto head unit to after-market customers, will...

In the flurry of Android Auto announcements at CES this year, we saw that French wireless and accessory manufacturer Parrot had announced their entry into the Android Auto market, announcing the RNB6 head unit....

Parrot is bringing 13(!) new Minidrones to Australia in September

Parrot is expanding its Minidrones range with 13 new "characters" across five Minidrone categories in September. The new drone range adds a Hydrofoil to the mix, with prices ranging from $150 up to $290...

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