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Telegram 4.2 brings Snapchat style self destructing pictures

Messaging platform Telegram's latest update brings Snapchat-style self destructing messages, the ability to add profile details and of course the usual tweaks to functionality and bug fixes. The changelog from the Play store offers a...

Telegram’s new phone call service is now live in Australia

A couple of weeks ago Telegram rolled out phone calls to Western Europe with a promise of the rest of the world to follow soon. It seems they have been true to that promise...

Telegram rolls out voice calls and more

Telegram is a great chat client. It is what we use in-house here at Ausdroid. Telegram's battle is that it is relatively late to the party. WhatsApp is everywhere and offers...

Telegram rolls out custom themes to Android users – iOS users will have to...

Messaging application Telegram is today rolling out custom themes for Android, with support coming to iOS, or as Telegram puts it 'less popular platforms' later. Themes are pretty much live now for most users. To...

Telegram update brings a host of enhancements

Telegram made something of a splash when it landed in the third party messaging space with its fast interface, cross platform options and their integration options via either web hooks or API. The...

Whatsapp block links to Telegram

There is no shortage of messaging options out there these days: Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, iMessage and of course Whatsapp are just a handful of the bigger names in the messaging arena....

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