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New Australian zero emissions vehicle sales report released by FCAI

Australia’s motoring industry lobby group the FCAI has today released a new and quite interesting report about zero and low emission vehicle sales. I will focus on the 100% battery electric zero emission vehicle...

Electric cars made in China dominate in Australia – watch out legacy carmakers

While attending yesterday's Australian launch event for Chinese car brand Chery, I was thinking about how only Chinese car brands MG (ZS EV, MG 4), BYD (Atto 3) and GWM (Ora Cat) have so...

Hertz survey shows that electric car rentals could help increase EV purchases

Hertz Australia conducted an electric car survey during September 2022 of 1,004 Australian Driver’s Licence holders aged 18+ and it revealed that the car rental industry could be a useful "try before you buy"...

Sustainability corner: Tesla Model 3

In 2021, people’s interests are broader. People are interested in sustainability, new technology which hasn’t been done to death, and greener topics such as how we can have a lesser impact on the planet...

Opinion: The line between automation and laziness is getting very blurry

Well, we’re here in a very connected, digital world with so much electronics around us to make life easier. But with some recent events, I started asking myself a few questions about smart home...

Crypto Corner: Elon Musk’s Tesla invests in Bitcoin, sends price surging more than 10%

If you were invested in Bitcoin yesterday, then you had what most would call a Very Good Day. Bitcoin surged to its highest levels ever - topping $58,497 AUD - on the back of...

Tesla Powerwall – 3 months on, a great investment

When my wife and I decided to invest in a Tesla Powerwall, of course, we had a lot of hesitation. We knew that -- based on the figures we'd run -- that we were...

Our Tesla Powerwall gave us a lot more than we banked on

A couple of months ago, my wife and I made the decision to make a more conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment and hopefully have a long term financial benefit. So...

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