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Spotify free accounts can now be used on Amazon Echo speakers

Following closely behind Sonos offering use of free Spotify accounts, Amazon Echo speakers now share the same functionality. This is a big shot in the arm for current Echo speaker users as well...

Nova FM adds new interactive Amazon Alexa skill

Nova FM has added a new interactive Amazon Alexa Skill, which allows Nova listeners to explore the station live as well as a back-catalogue of podcasts and shows. The skill, which is still at the...

Neerav’s Best Smartphone, Smart Home Devices and Android TV of 2018

Yes 2018 is almost over so it's time for the Ausdroid team to individually reflect on the phones and gadgets that they judge to be the best this year. For myself and my family, this...

Amazon Echo Plus a great way to get into smart home automation

Amazon's Alexa speakers and Google home compatible speakers have similar capabilities in many areas. However in the area of home automation Amazon has an edge with their Echo Plus speaker, which is able to...

Philips Hue Lights Will Get Option Stay Off After Powercut By End 2018

"No more power cuts waking you up at night" because all your Hue lights turned on at max brightness. That's the promise made by George Yianni (Founder and Head of Technology at Philips Hue)...

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