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You can run the Android P beta on 11 phones from 7 manufacturers (including...

We've already detailed some of the new features coming to Android later this year in Android P, and now it's time to try them out for yourself. Google is running a beta program to let...

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone available to purchase now in the US and on September...

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone has made a lot of people and manufacturers sit up and take notice. It aims to be a market disrupter and innovate to push the market into a more...

Amazon and Tencent-backed Essential phone coming next week

Andy Rubin is considered to be the father of Android and so when he started his own company to begin to build their own phones everyone sat up and started paying attention. His...

The camera software on the Essential Phone still needs a lot of work

When Andy Rubin announced his company's new phone last week it had a lot of people looking to lay down their cold hard cash with the phone still sight unseen. From what we...

This is the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin’s new baby

Last week the father of Android's new company Essential teased that they would be announcing their new phone on May 30. It is now May 30 in parts of the USA and the...

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