+ Friday August 23rd, 2019

Device Archives: Google WiFi

Google WiFi may be Google’s Trojan Horse into the IoT hub market according to FCC filing

With Google Home and Android Things, it’s clear that Google is finally ready to make a move on the Smarthome / IoT market. However, when we looked at the Google Home, we were somewhat surprised and disappointed that it didn’t include the ubiquitous ZigBee wireless frequency 802.15.4, an absolute necessity for …

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Everything Google announced at today’s #MadeByGoogle event: Pixel Phones, Chromecast, Daydream VR and more

So its certainly has been a busy time overnight for the team here at Ausdroid with everything that Google has announced overnight at its #MadeByGoogle event. There certainly has been a lot announced, so we thought we should create a small list of what was exactly announced so you’re right …

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