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The new Nvidia Shield TV remote will work with older models

Nvidia released its latest model Shield TV yesterday and there is good news if you own an older Shield TV, with the new remote able to work on older models in the future according...

New Nvidia Shield hardware coming soon as it passes through Bluetooth SIG

We have seen rumours and leaks in the past few months suggesting that a new Nvidia Shield TV might be in the making with some suggesting it might even be a new Shield TV...

Google enables Home Voice Control for Stan, Youtube & Play Music on Mi Box...

Most people would expect that Android TV's and standalone Android boxes like the Xiaomi Mibox and NVDIA Shield which are available as Cast targets would have the same abilities as a Chromecast device. Until now...

NVIDIA deepens Google Assistant integration of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV

The NVIDIA Shield is for us the unquestioned monarch of the Android TV world, it's powerful, regularly updated and the only thing it's missing is Coaxial input for broadcast TV (fingers crossed for the...

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