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Retailer Round-up: This weeks specials

Seeming as we haven't brought you a retailer round-up in quite a while, I thought it might be appropriate timing to at least try and bring this back cause there are a few specials...

Sony Xperia E4g – Review

Sony's Xperia E4 was announce earlier this year, and it showed off a new design which Sony referred to as a 'curved, OmniBalance design'. Basically, more rounded, more curvy. Neat. The Xperia E4 would come...

Sony announces the Xperia E4g on the Telstra 4GX network

After announcing the 3G version of their Xperia E4 was hitting MVNO Boost earlier this month, Sony has advised that the 4G compatible model, the Xperia E4g will be coming exclusively to Telstra where...

Sony’s Xperia E4 evolves: grows a 4G modem, becomes Xperia E4g, and it’s coming...

Sony brought the Xperia E4 to us earlier this month, though we didn't see a local announcement of the phone. Today's announcement of the E4g might shed some light on that, with confirmation this...

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