+ Friday February 22nd, 2019


Welcome to the Ausdroid Podcast, your number 1 source of Android news and random banter in Australia. The podcast is held most weeks on a Tuesday night and streamed live via a Google+ Hangout and our Youtube channel for the world to hear. You can download the latest and previous podcasts below.

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  1. Can’t get episode 26 at all either in google listen reader or from the website.

  2. Am I missing something here? If you guys are having so many problems with Skype, why not use one of the many other options out there, like Teamspeak, or my favourite, the open source Mumble.

  3. Guy’s last weeks “developer” podcast was really good. It’s still worth a listen this week if anyone hasn’t yet tuned in. Can download from the RSS link on this page. I thought it would be boring but plenty of unique insights so good job.

  4. these guys suck at uploading

  5. I concur with others, would be great show to have posted at least the day following live broadcast.

    • We don’t have that kind of time.

      • Up to half a week is fine, but the news moves too fast. It’s a great show but honestly missing a big audience for being late. Also the RSS link is often more up to date than the web page. Also Androidcentral does 30MB for an hour which is more normal size than yours. Maybe go mono recording or something. 

    • That’s fair, I’ll take it as a bonus if each arrives uploaded at some point between podcasts, which appears happening anyway. Ausdroid’ news section is comprehensive in its presentation and timely updates, so the entire site gets my commendation. Time appreciated.

  6. Guys i would really appreciate more timely posting of podcasts. 

    I often dont have the time to catch the live show and also since  podcast posting is so delayed i then lose interest since it then becomes dated news.

  7. wow, they upload podcasts hella late.. also it’s not even available on itunes… come on…

  8. I missed ep18, any chance of an upload? Thanks in advance.

  9. Is there any ETA on podcast 18 as i skipped it live thinking i could catch the replay today.

  10. Come on Guys.  How long does it take to post a podcast?  I’m wanting number 17 as I missed it, but 16 hasn’t even been posted yet.

  11. Is the podcast only feed gone?

    My BeyondPod app is now showing all the articles instead of just podcasts starting yesterday.

  12. HTC not locking bootloaders is better than locking them but not the same as what LG will do with their phone unlocking web site. HTC can still lock it up in many other ways and make it difficult…

    I think HTC need to say more about how open they intend to be.

  13. In your latest podcast (18/5) you mentioned that one of the phones, LG maybe, was always rebooting (once a day or so). I had the same issue when I rooted my HTC Desire and installed Oxygen Gingerbread ROM. I tracked this down to being an overheating issue and that the phone would reach a certain temp, about 39 degrees, and then would restart. It would then loop and I would have to remove the battery to resolve it.
    Since then I’ve switched to Cyanogen 7 and this has resolved the issue. I’d say the problem is code related and probably not hardware.

    • Yes, it was the LG Optimus 2X I had for review. It wouldn’t loop though, just restart. If it’s a code thing and not hardware related, it would make sense as the software shipped with the early version of the 2X was rubbish.

  14. R12432352637457

     Hey I love the podcast but this one when I downloaded was at low volume whereas the other episode were fine

    • Which one was at a low volume? The latest one? Episode 5?  

      • Hey Lucas, All the podcasts suffer from low volume. Your volume is the highest but some of the others are barely audible at the end of their sentences. The whole volume could do well to go up by 25-30%. I think you guys probably don’t listen to the podcasts yourself (you guys were on it!) But in comparison to TIMN, Engadget, Twit and CNet, the Ausdroid podcast is considerably lower in volume.