Google Home is about to launch multi-user support with Google’s own Home app pre-announcing the feature.

The app has now been updated with the generic card you see above which simply says ‘Now, you and others in your home can get a personized experience from your Assistant on Google Home.’ though no link to how to set up the feature is included. There’s no option for multiple accounts in the Home app or an indication of how it will be setup.

The Google Support site for Home doesn’t yet list a multiple user setup how-to, but the helpful Google Chat people say it’s coming:

It is not officially launched yet, it is some announcement that we are having to let our users know about the next update that we will release would allow multiple users.

Rest assured that once it is release your Google Home will get the latest update and notification from the app will be given in order for you to know that the feature is officially out.

Around the launch of Google Home, Mario Queiroz, Google’s vice president of product management told The Verge in an interview that the ultimate goal for Home was to be able to understand different people in your home and perform tasks associated with different accounts based on those voices – we’re hoping this is it. A training setup should be required, and we should learn more once the feature is officially released.

How it will be setup, and exactly how much function will be offered isn’t clear. We’ll hopefully hear more about this soon.

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    Curious to know how it will work. Its not like it will be able to do voice recog to know which account to pull data from.

    Ian Aitken

    Today my google home stopped responding to Ok Google or Hey Google. I did a factory reset and setup the device again. It worked for 5 mins and i could turn on the lights but then it stopped working again. Perhaps a botched update for MU support? Anyone else having Home not responding (Australia of course :-p) Anyone know a solution?