The Google Pixel was the device of the year in 2016 and so far, from what we have seen and used, is the device of 2017. Of course Google is looking to improve on their first offering with the Pixel 2 later this year and hopes to do so with more OLED displays. To aid in their availability Google is looking to invest KRW 1 trillion in the facilities at LG Display.

Industry sources out of Korea have said that Google have offered LG Display KRW 1 trillion to fund the LG Display OLED production lines. LG Display have not actually accepted the proposal just yet but are certainly considering it. The actual amount invested, 1 trillion won, is the amount required to build a single line to produce 6th generation, small and medium-sized flexible OLED. Depending on the contract details the investment size may even increase.

The sources also say that the investment proposal is not for actual purchase of a panel but a strategic relationship with LG Display that will help secure Google a supply of the displays — most likely for the Pixel 2. With Google struggling to keep the Pixel in stock due to the shortage of OLED displays it is a good move to shore up supplies for the Pixel 2 expected later this year.

The flexible display investment is an interesting one. It makes you wonder what Google have planned for the Pixel 2 — remember the curved, flexible display on the LG G Flex?

Source: Electronic Times.
Via: 9to5 Google.
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John Bousattout

Lets hope that they use these funds for produce the goods, as opposed to funding their current law suite.
G4 and V20’s bootloop issue is still haunting them.

David Anderton

might also be a way to get LG to produce daydream compatible phones


Agree, its kinda surprising that LG who is known for its OLED displays in their TVs but stick with LCD for their phones.
Where Samsung sticks with “LCD” display in their TVs and OLED displays in their phones.