The Chromecast dongle rollout is an odd sort of thing, it’s been semi-available globally via Amazon and other sources for a fair while, Google made the Android Chromecast App available to a much wider range of countries recently and an incoming SDK is being rumoured as the springboard for a full blown official international launch, and a further point towards this conclusion was added when today it was noticed a Chromecast section has been added to the Android Play Store App that is visible even here in Australia.

To see the Chromecast section, go to the Apps section of Google Play you have to turn the phone to Landscape or slide along to the Categories section. What you’ll find under there is nothing much – Pandora, YouTube, Google Play Music as well as Movies, the only apps accessible to us officially here in Australia.

What this section will be filled with once the SDK becomes available is anyone’s guess but will most likely include Pocket Casts or any of the other pieces of software that have expressed interest in the Chromecast app, all of which have been conveniently laid out on Wikipedia.

It’s not long till the launch of the SDK now, so we’ll hopefully see something official on the international launch soon.

Via: GoogleOS.