Era by Jawbone — Accessory Review

For the last week I've been playing with Jawbone's latest Bluetooth headset, the ERAtm. Marketed as the smallest, lightest, most comfortable headset that Jawbone has created, it makes some bold claims. I'm perhaps not the best person to review a Bluetooth headset, as I come at them from the angle of never having found one that I enjoyed using, much less on an ongoing basis. So I could have a play, Jawbone supplied me with an Era in black, paired with the portable charging unit. I couldn't take a photo of the unit supplied as good as the press shots... Continue reading

Review: Not Just Another Car Dock Charger

One of the best things about modern phones in my opinion is the wireless charging via the Qi standard. The ability to easily just place a phone onto a pad and have it charge and then be able to pick it up quickly without being constrained by an attached USB cable or having to disconnect this cable before using the phone is an amazing convenience. Slowly there have been more and more Chinese suppliers coming out with Qi chargers suitable for charging our devices. Way back at the beginning of December last year I reviewed a Car Dock... Continue reading

HoldMyPhone — Accessory Review

There's a plethora of mobile accessories out there nowadays. As you'd expect with an industry as huge as mobile telecommunications, the accessories range from the cheap and nasty, to "budget concious", high quality, impact protection, style/professionalism to the completely ridiculous! You've also got to contend with branches of accessories for devices, not getting accessories if you purchase a device that's too "budget concious" to start with as well as the potential of getting caught out with some poor customer experiences. The increased awareness of mobile technologies by authorities is making it increasingly risky to use your device while driving, but... Continue reading

Review: Car Dock Qi Charger

Last year when Google introduced Qi charging for the Nexus 4 we were all super excited to be able to charge our phones sans wires. At the time though, Qi charging for phones was relatively new and many people were burnt (along with suppliers and sellers) with Qi chargers that were less than perfect. They heated the phone up to dangerous levels, they stopped charging at 80% and several other issues were reports we heard on the grapevine as well as experienced ourselves. Fast forward 12 months and while there are still not many Android devices with Qi... Continue reading

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote — Accessory Review

It isn't every day that we get to review things at Ausdroid that are so completely compatible with our lives that we simply must have them at all costs. We review quite a many Android devices that are fantastic, but we give them back at the end of the review and move on with our tech lives. The Logitech Harmony Smart Remote is not one of those devices. It will take something in the order of dynamite and a trained negotiator to get me to give this gadget up, and even then, it might involve prying it from my cold... Continue reading

Philips Hue — Review

One small step towards Home Automation The dream of a completely automated home has been inching closer for the last few years, when Google announced Android @Home a few years back at Google IO, it seemed like an idea that had finally reached the mainstream, but it failed to materialise in any meaningful way shape or form. Thankfully, there have been other companies working towards this goal and one of those is Philips who have created the Hue lighting system - a set of WiFi enabled LED Bulbs you can control from your smartphone. The Hue 'Personal Wireless Lighting' as it's... Continue reading

Accessory Review: Pebble smartwatch

This may not be a traditional accessory review but I thought that would be the best way to tackle this device on Ausdroid. It is not an Android device but it complements your existing Android phone, and that fits my definition of an Android accessory review. For those of you that don’t follow all of the tech news, Pebble is a smartwatch that started it’s life on Kickstarter and just happens to be the most successful Kickstarter campaign to date, raising over $10M after initially seeking $100,000. It has taken a long time to get to this point... Continue reading

Accessory Review: Mongrel Glass – Galaxy S4 Screen Protector

Screen protectors are becoming an important addition to the modern smartphone. As screens get bigger, the price of repairing a smashed screen goes up. In many cases, the price of a new screen seems at odds with the overall price you've paid for the device, but you'll grin and bear it because it's still cheaper than getting a new phone. Mongrel Glass, from Melbourne-based Android specialists Mongrel Phones, is not your average screen protector. The most obvious differentiator that sticks out is the price: it'll set you back $45 - about 4 times the price of your average plastic screen... Continue reading

Accessory Review: Aranez case for Samsung Galaxy SIII

There's no shortage of cheap cases for any of the big release phones each year, but there is distinctly short supply of quality cases for phones particularly if you're after something with style and a hint of class about it. The Aranez cases have a very clean, slick feel to them, protect your phone and look great. Made from genuine leather both the book and flip cases for the Galaxy S3 are stunning to look at and don't add too much bulk to your device. They also have the convenience of a credit card (or ID) holder... Continue reading

Accessory Review: Aranez Flip Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Over the past week I've had the joy of trying out the Aranez Flip Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. After the infamous smashing of my Galaxy S4 display a couple of months back, I've been keen on trying out accessories for you Galaxy S4 owners that are worth getting for your own device. So what did I think of the Aranez leather case? Well, in short, I genuinely loved it. While it does add noticeable thickness, the bumpers around the four corners of the device ensure that if you drop your device -- like me -- the... Continue reading

Netgear PTV3000 – Review

The list of Miracast capable devices, dongles or adapters available in Australia is terribly small, and whilst Miracast has been around as a standard for a while now it's still not terribly well known and is still in its relative infancy in terms of brand recognition and adoption by consumers, retailers and manufacturers. One company who certainly know about Wireless display on TVs is Netgear, who actually released the PTV3000 or Push2TV as they call it, fairly early on in the piece and had it Miracast certified after it was on the market. As well as being Miracast compliant,... Continue reading

Accessory Review: DroidAX Kratos and Barrier

It seems realistic that you can judge a phone's market penetration by the number of accessories available for it. As you move around any shopping centre, you'll find a couple of "mobile phone accessories" stores that will sell you any number of cute, cuddly, wacky or fun iPhone cases with any number of party piece special feature attached. This level of ubiquity is only achieved by a few Android devices - with a larger variety in the market, it's harder to offer something for everyone, and it's only in the latter half of 2012 that we started to see... Continue reading

Accessory Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

If you read my piece on why you should get a case from your smartphone, then you'll have known I purchased an S View Cover for my Samsung Galaxy S4. And now that I have had a few weeks to use it, I thought I might share my thoughts and experiences with the rest of you Galaxy S4 owners to see if it's for you. The Cover When I watched the launch of the Galaxy S4 and its accessories, I found the idea of the S View Cover -- a cover with a see-through panel in it to view the... Continue reading