Strava Cycling — App Review

With so many running, cycling and various assorted fitness apps out there at the moment I thought I would take a look at one of the more popular cross fitness styled applications, Strava. Immediately there's a lot to like about the app, regardless of whether you're on Android or iOS (clearly my testing has been done Android, not the latter). The fact that there is an app for both major platforms is a huge bonus, so you're not caged into one or the other and you won't lose your data should you see the light and head... Continue reading

Game Review: Monster Mash Saga

It's Halloween in Australia - let's not get into the whole US only holiday thing - so why not try out a monster game like Monster Mash Saga from Australian developers Hovel Games. Gameplay Monster Mash Saga is a game that falls into the 'match three' genre, which sees you matching three or more Ghosts, Zombies, Devils, Mummies or Vampires to clear them. The game is objective based, with each level assigning a goal to reach in a set time period or a set number of moves, which gets harder as you progress through each level. The... Continue reading

Game Review: Long Run bursts onto Google Play

A new game from a new company - 2D Tap, Long Run a new take on a side-scrolling endless running games has just arrived on Google Play. Long Run sees you take on the role of an agent who is escaping from a dangerous high security building, it's a pretty normal state of affairs for the endless runner genre - you'll run, slide and jump to avoid the various lasers, missiles and traps along the route all the while collecting coins and attacking guards. Attack You automatically begin with a Baton, which you can use to beat up the... Continue reading

Plunder Bros: Retro LCD game – Review

If you're a fan of the old Nintendo handheld LCD games that were released back in the 80's, which allowed you to do some pretty basic gaming on the go before the good old Gameboy really kicked off the mobile gaming revolution, then Plunder Bros: Retro LCD game is definitely something you should check out. Australian developer Andrew Dittmer has launched Plunder Bros: Retro LCD game from his company Appic Win. Plunder Bros is actually a platform for a variety of these LCD based games. There are two currently available - Sink and Coco Nuts - with a... Continue reading

Buy me a pie – Review

Buy me a pie was released onto Android a couple of weeks ago and since then I have been putting it through its paces to see what this app has going for it over the numerous other shopping list apps in Google Play, so let’s take a closer look. There really isn’t much to shopping list apps, they allow you to add items to a list and then cross them off as you pick up those items in the store. Buy me a pie has a couple of nice features that I will get to in a minute, but for... Continue reading

Dots – Game Review

I love mobile gaming, but most of the games that I have purchased have been relegated to my tablet due to the increased display size, and it is quite rare for me to install a game on my phone now days. The subject of today’s review as an exception to this rule. Dots is a very well designed game that reminds me of the classic match 3 games that have been around for years. You are presented with a grid of different coloured dots and it is your job to connect dots of the same colour. The more dots you... Continue reading

Samsung Music Hub Australia — Service Review

As a big listener of music and a big lover of tech, I've found that unlimited music streaming services suit me over buying songs and/or albums individually. With a streaming service I can search for the artist, song, or album I like, then listen to it instantly without having to fork over more money. It sounds 'cheap', however, its ease of use makes it very appealing. A good music streaming service also allows you to play back your tunes on different devices -- Rdio, Grooveshark, Spotify, and more, all do this. So as a big user of Grooveshark for... Continue reading

App Review: Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 is not a particularly new app in the grand scheme of things, but what has brought it into the limelight is its use of the new Google Play games services that were announced at Google I/O a couple of weeks ago. There's no major learning curve involved in SSG2, you just point the guiding arrows in the direction you want the ball to go, then you hit the ball once the force-meter is at the point you think will get the ball closest to the hole. Yep. That simple. But what makes SSG2 really great... Continue reading

Game Review: PUK

I am a fan of simple games. You know, the sort of game you can pick up and play for a few minutes and then forget about. PUK is one of those games, well at least it should be. The official description of PUK on the Play Store reads as follows: PUK is a fast paced pure action puzzler requiring skill dexterity, nerve and endurance. Pull back and ping to obliterate portals in 1000 unique, quick-fire levels that are endlessly generated and different every time. It is kind of a very fast, very flat, Angry Birds. You simply pull back on the... Continue reading

App Review: Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security promises a lot on the packet; so many features that it concerned me how it could achieve this without impacting system performance and battery life. The Lite version of Norton Mobile Security is free and packs a decent set of features. The Pro version will set you back a $29.99 annual subscription for some additional features. The subscription can be shared across multiple Android phones and tablets,which goes some way to justifying the cost. To be honest, I've never seen the need for anti-virus/malware apps on Android, however, malware on Android does receive some... Continue reading

Game Review: The Room

Ever since I purchased the Humble Mobile Bundle, I have been slightly obsessed with one game in particular: The Room. The Room is your typical point and click cryptic puzzle game that most people have probably played before. This isn't a new formula. Find hidden objects, use those objects and solve puzzles to unlock more items and secret areas. The story that unfolds as you progress through the game and this story is delivered through a series of notes hidden throughout the game. While these notes don't actually help you solve the puzzles they help to keep you engaged in the... Continue reading

Game Review: Solar 2

Of all of the games in the Humble Bundle 5, Solar 2 is the one that has really caught my attention, with the exception of Sword and Sworcery EP which was recently added and which I had already purchased through the Play Store. Solar 2 has been developed by "Murudai" aka Jay Watts who is an Australian developer. Solar 2 has been around for quite a while on PC and has recently made it debut on Android. This game has been developed by just one person as seen on the Solar 2 website. Solar 2 was developed... Continue reading

Video Review: USB Audio Recorder Pro

Android's lack of USB audio support (#5) and high audio latency (#11) have been a couple of the platform's most griped-about and longest-standing issues, starred by 4482 and 2329 users respectively at the time of writing. USB Audio Recorder Pro is an app that represents a significant step toward addressing these issues, as the developers have written a USB audio driver from scratch in order to bypass Android's audio system and allow devices to run in USB host mode. In simple language, that means you can use a USB microphone to record audio straight to your phone... Continue reading