CES 2014 — Hands on with the ASUS PadFone Mini

Yesterday we covered the news that ASUS had announced the new PadFone Mini, and being as these kinds of devices are fairly popular, we thought it best to take a bit more of a closer look. Unfortunately, as we're not at CES ourselves, we've got to rely on other sources of information. This morning, in our news feed, we saw the excellent hands on prepared by the good folk at Android Police, and we couldn't help but share some of this with you. Credit where credit is due, though,... Continue reading

CES 2014 — ASUS announces new Transformers, Padfone, and Zenfones

This morning at CES 2014, Asus announced a new lineup of devices including an update to its Transformer line which we previewed a week or so ago, the Padfone Mini and a range of more consumer-friendly Zenfone devices. Let's take a look at what's happened. Transformer Book Duet TD300 The Transformer Book Duet TD300 (herein the TD300) follows a growing trend in Windows land, offering users a dual-boot option between Windows 8.1 and Android; each best optimised for different purposes. Windows as a desktop / traditional OS, and when in tablet mode especially, Android because -- let's face... Continue reading

ASUS teases us with a dual-boot hybrid Windows / Android device

It's not uncommon to see manufacturers tease us with hints of new devices before major international trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is set to roll into Las Vegas in just a couple of weeks. ASUS likes to get in on this action with a baffling teaser each year, but this year they've incorporated the Statue of Liberty, of all things. From the looks of the video teaser (below), we're looking at a laptop-come-tablet device which dual-boots Windows and Android, not just in laptop mode, but in tablet mode as well. We can't wait to get a... Continue reading

ASUS announces the Padfone mini 4.3

ASUS has announced the next in its line of Padfone hybrids, with its Padfone mini which converts from a 4.3" mid-range phone into a 7" mid-range tablet. A rather unique idea, the Padfone line features two components for each model; a normal Android phone, which can dock into a larger tablet accessory, allowing you to share data, apps and the like between the two devices. The Padfone mini is squarely aimed at the middle of the market, with a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM, and a qHD (960x540) display on the phone handset, which expands to 1280x800 when... Continue reading

New Intel Haswell based Chromebooks and Chromeboxes announced

Google and Intel have announced some new Haswell based Chrome devices overnight, announced at the Intel Developer Forum which is currently going on in San Francisco they have advised that there will be new devices from existing ChromeOS partners Acer and HP as well as devices from new entrants to the ChromeOS market Asus and Toshiba. There will be new Chromebooks from Acer, HP and Toshiba and a new Chromebox from Asus. The new devices from Acer and HP are now showing on the international Google Chromebook Page, but so far details on the new Toshiba Chromebook and the... Continue reading

ASUS Miracast Dongle: Mirror your phone to TV

Google has the Chromecast, though the Australian availability has been limited to importing one from the US. Now ASUS is stepping up with a media caster of its own with the unimaginatively named Miracast Dongle. The ASUS dongle plugs into your TV and a power point, then with any Miracast equipped phone or tablet - such as the Nexus 7 - you should be able to mirror your device's screen straight onto your TV's screen. I say should, as ASUS is being a bit tight lipped when it comes to device compatibility, only mentioning on... Continue reading

ASUS TransKeyboard: a nifty new keyboard for tablets

ASUS has just announced a clever new keyboard for your Android tablet called the TransKeyboard. It folds flat when not in use, and is easily popped into a bag for carrying with your tablet, as it's only one centimetre high when folded and weighs 246 grams. When opened it reveals a full 26 cm QWERTY keyboard with wrist rest, and a very neat flexible folding lid that transforms into a structure to support any tablet or phone up to 10". Magnets hold the folded lid in place, and it connects to your tablet via Bluetooth 3.0. The TransKeyboard charges... Continue reading

Asus launches Transformer Book Trio in Australia

Asus this week launched its latest Transformer device, the Transformer Book Trio last seen at Computex in June. The Trio is a convertible laptop/tablet device whose base configuration will be available for a starting price of $1599 from late November in Asus' premium "giftbox style" packaging. The Trio combines Android and Windows 8 in device, packing an 11.6 inch IPS Full HD display with separate specs for the PC running under the keyboard (a Core i5 CPU with 4 GB of RAM) and the Android tablet running behind the screen (an Intel Atom CPU with 2... Continue reading

ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 — Review

Asus and Intel join forces in this mid range pitch for the large tablet market. The Asus Intel Proposition Asus has good market credibility in the Android tablet space. With successes like the Nexus 7 and Transformer line of tablets they are probably as well known as Samsung for innovation with larger Android tablets. Intel, on the other hand, are yet to really make their mark with a successful Android product. Reviewing this tablet has been a good opportunity for me to see what these two long time partners in the Windows world could come up with on a new... Continue reading

Ausdroid attends the EB Games Expo

The EB Games Expo is a trade/game show held by Australian retailer EB Games to allow gamers to experience upcoming software and hardware from manufacturers and developers from Australia and around the world. This year, Ausdroid was allowed to attend as guests of EB Games to check out what was on offer from both hardware and software manufacturers. The Expo, which is being held this year and next at the Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park (Homebush), started on Friday and had its last day today, running until 4pm. In only its third year, the show is getting... Continue reading

Snapshot showing Asus as the 2013 Nexus 10 manufacturer

It's coming, we know it is! It's nearly a year since the launch of the original Nexus 10 and in the last two months, we've seen the focus go from Sundar Pichari confirming that Samsung would build the Nexus 10 replacement to Asus being rumoured as the manufacturer, since that rumour began, there has been 'confirmation' of the Asus built Nexus 10 coming from the inventory system at Currys PC World in the UK and this morning EVLeaks added another inventory screenshot 'confirming' the Asus built Nexus 10. https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/385532994527567872 It's still just inventory systems 'confirming' the existence... Continue reading

Mystery ASUS tablet pops up at FCC in the US – could potentially be the next Transformer Pad?

A mysterious new ASUS tablet has popped up at the FCC overnight, leading to speculation that it could be the new Transformer Pad, reports Engadget. The filing for the tablet, given the model name TF502T, seems to in line with previous Transformer tablets released by the company, though sadly the filing doesn't go into great detail with the only confirmed parts stating the device will come with 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC at the very least. The timing of the filing course matches the leaked ASUS roadmap and strategy revealed in August, in which we saw... Continue reading

Minor Nexus 7 (2013) update starting to roll out, could possibly fix multi touch issue?

Reports are coming in, that an update for the Nexus 7 (2013) is beginning to roll out to the new tablet, which is believed to possibly fix the multi-touch issue some people have been reporting with their new tablet device. The update, JSS15R, doesn't appear to have any user-facing changes, and it's only one letter away from the last minor update which rolled out shortly after the initial launch back in June which addressed initial multi-touch issues as well as GPS issues. The update is about 8MB and the update notification just re-lists the Android 4.3 features. It is believed... Continue reading