Samsung Galaxy S 4 Australian Launch — Event Wrap

For Samsung, tonight's Galaxy S 4 launch event seemed as much a show of force as it was a smartphone launch. While its competitors seem to like to hold device launches at the Museum of Contemporary Art, there's a certain statement made by launching at the Opera House. It's the Sydney Opera House. It's world-famous. Samsung has climbed the ranks of launch event spectacles in the last few years, and they've just launched what's sure to be one of the world's most popular smartphones in front of one of the world's most recognisable icons. If there's one thing we've come to... Continue reading

LG Optimus G — Launch Event Wrap

On Wednesday morning, LG invited members of the Australian media to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art for the launch of their new flagship device, the Optimus G. Take a second and read that back again - we've only just seen the Australian launch of the device that begat the Google Nexus 4, which was itself launched in overseas markets in September 2012. We were treated to some light breakfast catering - in this case, some breakfast food and your standard tea/coffee - before being ushered into a small theatre for a presentation from representatives of LG, Qualcomm, and Telstra. LG's... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note II launch event — Report

Last night at Moore Park, Samsung held a launch event featuring the Galaxy Note II. We were also treated to first looks of other products including a range of Windows 8 convertible laptops and tablets and the new Android based Samsung Galaxy camera. Samsung Galaxy Camera After an hour of pre-event drinks and chatter with like minded folk, we were ushered into a large staged area and asked to take a seat. Mr Todd Sampson, the CEO of Leo Burnett, came out on stage and started off our evening with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The Samsung... Continue reading