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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge — Review

Samsung is the king of the smartphone world, at least when it comes to sales. The company holds around 80% market share when it comes to profits and it’s mostly due to their ability to attack...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — Review

There was a time when a Samsung Galaxy Note was the only viable option for someone who wanted a large phone. Then the market started to shift, screens became larger and 5” is now the norm...

Moto X (2014) — Review

When I went to the Motorola press briefing back in September this year, I went hands-on with the Moto X (2014) back then, and I didn't have any strong feelings for the phone either way. So much was my...

Sony Xperia Z3 — Review

It wasn't all that long ago that I remained in love with HTC's One M8. I've owned it since it launched in Australia, and even bought one before Ausdroid's review was published. I knew that I had liked the...

Review: Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei might be the worlds third largest smartphone manufacturers but they are still yet to become a household name in Australia. When they first entered the smartphone market in Australia they were exclusively targeting the...

HTC Desire 510 — Review

After the launch of their flagship device, the once venerable manufacturer HTC has continued its onward march of penetrating the smartphone market. Despite having one of the most adored phones of recent years in the HTC...

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact — Review

There's an ongoing argument about phone sizes. Apple's move into larger screen sizes means it’s not just happening in the Android market now, it's industry-wide. Everyone has a sweet spot into which the smartphone size of their heart's desire...

Nexus 9 — Review

Manufactured by HTC, there were always going to be a few questions asked; not only of HTC but of the device and its capabilities. Despite having produced a couple of quite outstanding flagship phones in...

HP Chromebook 11 (2101TU) — Review

HP have been releasing their Chromebook at a fast and furious pace. It was only mid August when Dan reviewed the upgraded HP 11 (11-2001TU model). At the time Dan made the statement "HP...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, 10.5 — Review

When a company like Samsung, who seems to bring out a new device every other week with a slightly new screen size, tells you “this is the one”, you tend to sit up and pay attention. While Samsung’s been...

Lenovo Yoga 2 — Review

Lenovo is a market leader when it comes to PC, and surprisingly to most Australians, the Mobile Phone markets, but while they haven’t introduced Lenovo branded phones to Australia yet, they have brought tablets here. Their...

Micromax Canvas A1 — Android One — Review

Since Google launched Android in 2008, there have been issues with fragmentation - although Google Play Services has helped this issue somewhat, the competition does tend to drag version numbers out at any opportunity. OEMs have...

Moto G (2nd Generation) — Review

Motorola surprised everyone when they announced the Moto G towards the end of 2013. Rather than aiming for a premium price point and falling short on specs, the Moto G was an unapologetic shot at the midrange market that...

Review: Huawei Ascend P7

Over the past couple of years Huawei have been steadily increasing their presence. They started off producing cheap pre-paid Android phones but have slowly increased they specifications to be closer to the flagships of the...

HTC Desire 610 — Review

Since launching as their ‘Premiere’ device, the HTC Desire fell on some hard times. HTC resurrected the brand as a low-mid range series of devices, capitalising on the inherrent good will towards the brand name. HTC...

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