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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Samsung’s release date for the new flip and fold devices is coming soon

Samsung is in the final stages of readiness for its annual unpacked event. This year the event returns to Seoul, Korea and, we're going to see some new toys devices coming through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQOpTsT_Svs You'll be able to tune into the event...

Meta takes on Twitter with Instagram Threads

Meta owned Instagram has a huge user base with some of the biggest users amassing millions of users. Part of the problem though, is it's broadcast based and you can't really tell a story. With the release of Instagram...

HMD Global launches it’s cheapest and easily repairable 5G device with the Nokia G42

HMD Global, the powerhouse brand behind the Nokia Android smartphones has launched the Nokia G42 5G which has been built with QuickFix repairability so you can replace cracked screens, bent charging ports and old batteries, all by yourself. The partnership...

Google Maps now providing audible alerts to speed and redlight cameras on Android Auto

At some point in the last 36 hours, an update to Android Auto and Gooogle Maps has provided a useful new feature. Users who have Maps running, will get audible alerts as they approach speed or redlight cameras. This first...

Meta Family Centre shows steps towards accountability and responsibility on the platform

Like it or not, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger make up a signficant portion of peoples social media lives. There have been a few rudimentary attempts at giving parents some control, but they have been pretty basic. Now with the introduction...

amaysim is ready to go 5G

There's a lot to be said for sticking with the big 3 carriers, but with MNVOs now offering more; that enticement is reducing. For customers on the Amaysim service, there's more good news. Renee Garner, Head of amaysim said: Most 5G...

Google is taking some of its best Chrome tricks to iOS

There are plenty of reasons to like either of the major mobile operating systems. But there are a few, if you're used to one or th eother, to stick with what you know. Google has announced that a few...

[Good Deal] Google goodies going cheap!

As the end of financial year approaches we're going to see an increase in bargain prices. Google has jumped onboard the bargain train and is offering a number of its devices at some solid discounts. The heaviest of discounts applies...

Motorola announces pre-sale bonus for Motorola Razr 40 Ultra customers

Motorola has announced the pre-sale period for the upcoming Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, which runs until the 9th July. Retailing for $1,499 (RRP), the new Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will come with a pair of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II...

Ausdroid Reviews – The Pixel 7a – Improvements with a familiar design

Well we knew it was coming and now it's here, Google's Pixel 7a, the smaller, more mid range budget sibling device to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro from Google and so far the impressions are well, interesting. Granted...

Boost vs Optus: The matter has been settled in a confidential agreement

After Optus released products named Mobile Boost and Internet Boost, Boost Mobile took exception to the use of the "Boost" name. Shortly after, an injunction was issued preventing Optus from using the Boost name; however, this is only a...

You can now enjoy BINGE and Kayo Sports on Fire TV

One of the main complaints from users about the Fire TV hardware is that not all streaming apps are on there yet. Well, part of that has been resoled with BINGE and Kayo Sports making an appearance. While not as...

Vodafone says Australians are paying too much for their mobile bills

Vodafone has released new data this morning showing that Australians could be overpaying for their mobile bills. In the current climate of rising interest rates, mortgage repayments, rents and more, we all need to be mindful of where our...

Gomo is no longer accepting new customers

Gomo, a mobile phone prepaid subscription MVNO sub-brand of Optus, has announced that it is making changes that users will see from 1 June 2023; we’ll no longer be offering our Gomo products to new customers. Gomo launched during the...

Motorola launches new razr devices and an edge device

Yesterday Motorola announced the launch of 3 new devices - Two new foldable Razr devices and a new edge device in Australia, with the company stating that each of the new devices blends style and premium features to deliver...

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