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Ausdroid Podcast 066 – 30/04/2013

Featuring: Lucas Burnett, Geoff Fieldew and Jason Murray. Topics: Samsung Galaxy S 4 — First Impressions Optus stores will have Samsung Galaxy S 4 stock tomorrow, despite online sell-out Telstra opens pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S 4 – shipping May 2 Achievement Unlocked: Galaxy...

Chris wraps up the biggest news of the week – 4 June

In this audio episode, Chris takes you through the more popular news items of the week in a fifteen minute podcast special. News items discussed this episode include: HTC U11's arrival on Australian shores ...

Ausdroid Podcast 154 – Mobile World Congress edition – LIVE tonight at 9pm AEDT

https://www.youtube.com/embed/-FUubB4bm9o It's time to catch up on the Android news of the week, from Australia and around the world - but mostly around the world this week - with episode 154 of the Ausdroid podcast! The year's biggest flagships are all...

Ausdroid Podcast 060 – 12/03/2013

Welcome back to the Ausdroid Podcast - this is episode 60! It wasn't a huge week of news except for some Samsung Galaxy S IV leaks and videos. The Motorola X Phone was in the news again and we talk...

Ausdroid Podcast 063 – 09/04/2013

This week we hit HTC's new Facebook phone the First and of course the launcher at the centre of the handset, Facebook Home. We also broke down the latest from Samsung and their Galaxy S4, Virgin Mobile and Australia...

Ausdroid Podcast 148 – Nexus Dramas

Welcome to episode 148 of the Ausdroid podcast! With new Nexus phones now available in Australia, we've taken a look at the launch, order and delivery process for Australian orders and some issues that have surfaced with the Nexus 6P...

Ausdroid Podcast 004 – Have Motorola really woken up? – 20/04/2011

Welcome to the Ausdroid Podcast, Episode 4, recorded, Wednesday 20th April. Matt and Geoff were away for this episode but we did have the awesome Irwin Proud join us for his first Ausdroid Podcast. We hope you enjoy it. We...

Ausdroid Podcast 053 — New Year, New Gear — 15/01/13

Welcome back to the awesomeness that is the Ausdroid Podcast. We are hitting the airwaves or video waves whatever you want to call it with another killer show. Sit back and relax cause it's about to get messy. The...

An early look: Pocket Casts Web Beta

The team at Shifty Jelly have been hard at work (well at least they tell us they have) working on a number of projects including an update to the Pocket Casts web interface which is currently in beta and...

Ausdroid Podcast 023 – Are We Still On? – 25/01/2012

Yes it's finally here, the Ausdroid Podcast Episode 23. It's taken almost a week and I'm promise I will try to get it out much sooner next time. This episode is a bit of a ripper, it was...

Ausdroid Podcast MWC Edition — Episode 1 — The calm before the storm

One of the things we undertook to do as part of our Mobile World Congress coverage this year was a nightly podcast going over the things we've seen during our daily travels, and we're now at the end of...

Ausdroid Podcast 74 – June 25, 2013

This is the 74rd episode of the Ausdroid podcast. This week we unpacked Samsung's new products from their Premiere event in London, chatted about Sony's new 6.4 inch behemoth and talked about Microsoft porting its wares to Android. Featuring: Jason...

Watch Dan Tyson’s guest appearance on TWiT’s All About Android podcast

For anyone who is into tech podcasts and isn't aware of the TWiT network, you're not looking hard enough. Led by Leo Laporte, the TWiT network are probably the biggest name in podcasting with shows such as The Tech...

With Google, you can now find podcast epiodes in search results alongside other content

Google has announced a better integration for podcasts into Google Search. For example, when you search on a specific topic with podcast content (e.g. searching for "podcasts about Awkwafina" or "Instant one-pot recipes") it will now display playable episodes...

Ausdroid Podcast 100 – Lucas still has his Xperia Play

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! 100 episodes. We'll just let that sink in there. Our little podcast has grown up so fast! This week Lucas joined us to celebrate our milestone along with Jason, Geoff, Phil and...

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