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Review: Aspera R9 is a budget rugged phone suitable for apprentice tradies

Aspera Mobile's new rugged "R9" 4G smartphone has a tough chunky exterior to cushion it from knocks and drops and the highest IP rating IP69 which should protect it from being blasted by a...

Aspera Mobile launches rugged IP69 rated R9 Android smartphone

Aspera Mobile has launched its new ultra-rugged R9 4G smartphone designed with a robust exterior to cushion heavy knocks and drops. It also has the highest IP rating IP69 which means it can withstand...

Aspera launches a new $99 4G flip phone for those wanting an easy phone

If you're after a simple phone that doesn't cost a fortune and is easy to use regardless of technical ability, Aspera's new $99 4G flip phone might be the phone for you. Despite its tiny...

Aspera Mobile launches a $99 dual-sim 4G smartphone

It seems the day with budget smartphone news, and up next is Aspera Mobile launching a new 4G dual-SIM smartphone for just $99. The Aspera Mobile Jazz 2 at $99 includes a 5-inch display, dual-SIM...

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