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History of Corning Gorilla Glass: how it makes our phone screens scratch & drop...

For over a decade, the best mobile phones have often listed Corning Gorilla Glass front and/or back protection in their specifications, and more recently, wearables have used it as well. Competitors to Corning Gorilla...

Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass, is developing a flexible product for folding phones

Corning's Gorilla Glass has been a common component of smartphones for a while now, and with flexible displays about to hit the market the company has announced development of flexible glass to protect the...

Corning announces new Gorilla Glass for both smartphones and wearables

Dropping a phone and smashing the display is one of the worst feelings for a smartphone enthusiast. When Corning introduced the first Gorilla Glass we all thought our displays would finally be safe....

Corning announces Gorilla Glass SR+ for wearables

Corning, the company behind the toughened glass brand Gorilla Glass - as well as the excellent glass cookware that many people use day-to-day - has announced today a new glass product, but this time...

Corning drops Gorilla Glass 5 on the world, and the ground

Glass, it's all over our devices these days. Without strong glass we simply wouldn't have had the explosion in Smart devices hat we have today. One company above all others has been at the...

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