Corning Gorilla Glass
Glass, it’s all over our devices these days. Without strong glass we simply wouldn’t have had the explosion in Smart devices hat we have today. One company above all others has been at the forefront of Glass innovation, and that’s Corning.

The Gorilla Glass brand of Glass from Corning has always been a desired “spec” to have, and apart from a brief, and currently unrealised, promise of sapphire crystal displays is the gold standard for endurance and performance in glass.  That might all sound a little fancy for a sheet of glass but it really is amazing what out devices can handle.

With Gorilla Glass 5 Corning claim to have significantly improved their “drop resistance” compared to competing glass products achieving an 80% survival rate for device drops from 1.5 meters where the device lands face down on rough surfaces. Corning conspicuously do not mention drops onto its edge, however we will take any overall improvement in Glass technology, I for one am sick of paying for new phone screens.

This sounds great, and I’m sure it’s an improvement but unfortunately the features we want out of glass ie. thin, light, scratch resistance and drop resistant are actually in competition with each other. The more scratch resistant they make glass, them more prone t shattering it becomes, and vice versa. Lamination can give you both of these things, but at the expense of weight and thickness.

Gorilla Glass 5 is now available to OEMs so we could be seeing device launch using the new panels soon. With IFA and Samsung’s events coming up soon this could be a great year for drop resistant phones.

What do you want our of your glass displays? Let us know below.

Source: Corning.