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Australian Review: eero Pro 6 is a set and forget Wi-Fi mesh internet system

Amazon's Wi-Fi division eero has been selling their new top model eero Pro 6 in Australia for a few weeks now and I've been testing it out in my house in real life as...

Reviews: eero 6 Wi-Fi Mesh Network keeping your smart home and Wi-Fi connected

With our homes becoming smart(er) and also our work from home offices, having a strong Wi-Fi network is pretty important and whilst stock standard normal Wi-Fi units we get through our telco’s can do...

Amazon launches eero mesh Wi-Fi in Australia, no eero pro model or eero secure...

Amazon has launched eero mesh Wi-Fi in Australia. Readers who listen to the US podcast This Week in Tech may have heard about eero already: it was actually the first company to sell a...

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