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Evie Networks grows electric car charging network to 100 locations

Just before Christmas Evie Networks opened its 100th electric car fast charging site in Toowoomba, QLD and confirmed it hopes to have 300 sites by the end of 2023 with a presence in every...

How to save money at Chargefox and Evie EV chargers

Chargefox and Evie Networks are the two biggest open to everyone electric car fast public charging networks in Australia, so if you buy or hire an electric car you'll likely use a mixture of...

Extended outage: Evie Networks app and RFID systems down for hours, electric car charging...

Customers of one of Australia's largest electric car charging companies Evie Networks are currently suffering a multi-hour outage where they cannot use the app or associated RFID cards. The reference to Braintree in the error...

Free Evie Charging for Hertz Polestar 2 Rentals til 27th October 2022

Hertz Australia and Evie Networks have announced that customers who rent a Polestar 2 through Hertz will get free charging on the Evie Public network during their rentals until 27/10/22. The move follows the recent...

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