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Focal launches their new range of headphones – coming to Australia shortly

Audio maker Focal has announced some new wired and wireless earphones for the audio enthusiasts, with their new range covering on-ear as well as in-ear headphones, with both wired and wireless options available- We've...

Phil’s highlights of 2015

OK, so who stole 2015? We only started this one a few weeks ago didn’t we? Or maybe it has just been another ridiculously busy year with a heap to do, not enough time...

Focal Sphear in-ear headphones — Review

Unless you’re really into audio you may not have heard of Focal (unless you read my review of their Spirit One S headphones) but they’re a solid brand who have a great name in...

Focal Spirit One S Headphones — Hands on

Unless you’re really into audio hardware, Focal is a name that quite possibly may have escaped your attention. Don’t be fooled though, they’re no new player in the field of audio; in fact...

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