Audio maker Focal has announced some new wired and wireless earphones for the audio enthusiasts, with their new range covering on-ear as well as in-ear headphones, with both wired and wireless options available- We’ve reviewed some Focal gear in the past and been impressed so let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer.

Listen Wireless high-end portable headphones

Offering really high quality wireless audio and starting at $399 for the brushed metal finish option, these can run wireless via Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX (low latency, high bandwidth) or wired connection so regardless of your connection choice you’ll be getting great quality audio.

Spark in-ear headphones

For people who want good quality, in-ear sound at a reasonable price then on the surface you’d have to seriously consider the Spark range: Wired or Wireless it’s your call. The design and capabilities of them are aimed directly at streaming music users, offering sound quality to surpass anything you’ll be able to stream from any of the major players in the streaming game.

The Spark comes in Black, Silver or Blue Cobalt and will set you back $125RRP when they become available in the middle of July.

The Spark Wireless will be available for $165 in Black, Silver and Rose Gold from the middle of August.

Sphear S in-ear headphones

Now the data sheet on these looks very impressive with a 103dB sensitivity range and a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz is pretty staggering for in-ear sound. With that in mind, as if they deliver to the promised level the $220RRP would be a pretty sound investment (see what I did there?) for anyone keen on some really nice sound while on the move.

All of these new goodies will become available through the Focal distributors within Australia in the coming months so if you’re keen, keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve already reached out to Focal to request review devices and we’ll give you a really thorough rundown on how they perform when review units become available.

What are your must have features and budget when you’re shopping for headphones?

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Phill Edwards

I want wireless in ear headphones that don’t fall out when you’re running, maintain a good Bluetooth connection and have at least 8 hour battery life playing music.

Matthew McQuilty

Any idea if the spark wireless will be “sweat proof”?


..or if the Sphear headphones will be pun-proof…