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IKEA and Sonos deliver another SYMFONISK speaker that will blend into your living space

Sonos is one of the biggest names in streaming music hardware, offering outstanding sound quality and more recently, smart assistant capable devices. They have also engaged with home living giant IKEA to create...

Asus Republic of Gamers and IKEA team up

Asus Republic of Gamers is a name as well known in gaming circles as IKEA is in furniture. So it makes very little sense for them to team up, but they have with...

IKEA ❤ Sonos: Symfonisk comes to Australia in September, starting at just $149

We're big fans of Sonos at Ausdroid, and so we've been anxiously awaiting the launch of their collaboration with IKEA, known by the typically-IKEA name of Symfonisk. IKEA Australia is officially ready to take...

IKEA bring their AR app to Android: try your FRIHETEN at home before even...

Last year IKEA unleashed their AR app into the world but unfortunately it did not land on Android at the time. Now that Google have taken their ARCore out of dev preview all...

IKEA TRÅDFRI smart lightbulbs won’t arrive in Australia until later this year

Ikea's smart lighting system, called TRÅDFRI, which launched last year won't be arriving in Australia until later this year says IKEA who amended the launch date in a statement to Ausdroid. Ikea previously had advised...

Ikea launch their VR Store in Australia

At Google I/O 2017 Google showed the use of AR and VR as part of the whole shopping experience. While not quite what was shown at Google I/O, Ikea have taken the bull...

IKEA entering the smart lighting market

We have covered some IKEA products here in the past, notably their Qi chargers and Qi charging-enabled furniture. Now in a move into a slightly different section of the tech market IKEA are...

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