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Klipsch expand their mainstream headphone range with small, smart and quiet options

Klipsch produces hardware that are good looking, sound great and go the distance. If you're someone that likes a good investment, then keep reading. Not long ago we saw the release of...

Klipsch Announce the T5 Series headphone range for the everyday lifestyle

Klipsch, a heritage producer of premium audio equipment, have today announced their T5 Series headphones to suit the everyday lifestyle of users on the go. The T5 Series come in four different designs that include...

The Three from Klipsch brings Google Assistant and modern design together

Klipsch produce some amazing equipment in the audio arena. Their latest addition to an already impressive speaker lineup, The Three with Google Assistant continues that pathway. The 60 watts continuous power output...

Klipsch add a new soundbar and wireless speakers all with Google Assistant to their...

Klipsch are big - really big - in high end audio. The brand offers high quality equipment engineered for big sound. Leading into CES, Klipsch has announced a number of new devices which start...

Klipsch R6i earphones — Review

Some manufacturers have shown “courage” in recent times and begun to remove the headphone jack from their devices. Others have seen sense and realised that there’s a lot of users out there (like me)...

Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: Australian Review

I've been on the lookout for a new pair of Bluetooth over the ear headphones for a while now to replace my aging Parrot Ziks. When we got the press release regarding the...

Klipsch R6 Bluetooth Earphones — Australian Review

There’s a lot of mobile accessories out there ranging from barely functional to ludicrously overpriced and when it comes to the essential mobile accessories, a good set of headphones or earphones is right up...

Klipsch joins the streaming audio game

The streaming speaker market has some great contenders when you think about names like Samsung, Bose and Sonos. For anyone who's really into speakers and high quality audio, you'll also know the latest...

Klipsch Introduces Four New Headphones With Two Wireless Models

We cover a lot of different brands of headphones here at Ausdroid because we assume a lot of you are like us -- you like music and you like tech. Headphones are both of...

Phil’s highlights of 2015

OK, so who stole 2015? We only started this one a few weeks ago didn’t we? Or maybe it has just been another ridiculously busy year with a heap to do, not enough time...

Klipsch Image One Bluetooth Headphones — Review

Style, good looks, great comfort and mind blowing sound. That’s what you’d expect from a set of Bluetooth headphones that will set you back around the $350 mark isn’t it? Well the Klipsch Image...

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