Some manufacturers have shown “courage” in recent times and begun to remove the headphone jack from their devices. Others have seen sense and realised that there’s a lot of users out there (like me) who’ve dropped a lot of cash on a really good set of wired headphones so the jack remains in place. For manufacturers like Klipsch, the decision to go wired or wireless must be very difficult at the moment, but they have the capability to do both.

Wired, Wireless, Headphones and Earphones all have their place in the world and Klipsch cover them all. This time around, we’re looking at the R6i which are wired earphones and as you’d expect from a brand like Klipsch, they’re pretty impressive out of the box.

One of the things I really like about spending a bit more on a set of headphones or earphones is the extras you get, with the R6i you get a really neat little carry case that will fit in a really small space in your bag. It’s solid enough to protect the earphones from damage while in your bag and also keeps the cable from tangling if you wind it up well before packing them away.

One of the things I like about earphones over headphones is they’re far more comfortable and convenient if you’re out running or riding a bike where I found them to be pretty comfortable and surprisingly stayed in my ears even when running. If you’re using them at work, the convenience of pulling only one of them out of your ear to listen to a co-worker (assuming you want to of course…) is also really nice.

One of the potential issues that I have and I know a lot of people have with earphones is the fit. The R6i come with a number of fittings for different ear shapes and sizes, I found that once I got the right ones one, the fit was pretty comfortable, sat in my ears very light and didn’t feel like they were pulling at all. The right fitting also created a seal in my ears that meant the background noise around me was pretty much cut out but it’s worth noting that these are not noise cancelling earphones.

That clean fit also greatly assisted the sound delivery, in particular the bass which was astounding for earphones. The cost is not insignificant — at RRP of $129 — but it is far below what many other options around and when you consider this with the quality of the sound you’re getting they fall in the realm of “great bang for buck” really quickly. Particularly for earphones, the audio range is very impressive. While I found that the range was touch flat for really bass heavy music, even my eclectic tastes in music didn’t find any other struggles for the Klipsch R6i earphones.

When it boils down to the ultimate decision, earphones vs headphones is a personal preference based on situation and requirements. The type of music you listen to will also drive your decision on the type and brand you use, so what we aim to do is give you a good run down on the capabilities of accessories we review here at Ausdroid.

Are they worth the money?

The Klipsch R6i are a really high quality set of earphones that are very capable across the full audio range and at a pretty reasonable price of $129 RRP. They’re well built and come with a protective case making them a solid investment if you’re after wired earphones as a preference over the plethora of other options currently on the market.

Share with us what your preferred audio accessories setup is.