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PureVPN’s new apps make connectivity a cinch

If you've taken advantage of PureVPN's special birthday pricing (hint: it isn't too late if you haven't), you probably should try out their new apps (released a few weeks ago) to complement your new...

VPN: Not just for Game of Thrones, but protecting you online too

There aren’t too many people these days who haven’t heard the term VPN, the acronym for Virtual Private Network. There are those in business who would know that a VPN is their way to...

Ausdroid Podcast Episode 136 – Nexus interrupted

Welcome to episode 136 of the Ausdroid podcast! A relatively quiet week on the Android front (in contrast to the launches of recent weeks, anyway) was punctuated by Dan ditching his Nexus 6. Scott also...

PureVPN celebrating 8 years of service with a 2 years for 1 offer

We wrote about PureVPN a little while ago, and they've gotten in touch to let us in on a little surprise; it's their birthday, and to celebrate, they're offering two years of their premium...

Australians flocking to VPN solutions amid privacy, data retention and geo-blocking concerns

It's little wonder that people are growing more and more concerned with how their activity online might be stored and monitored, with Australia's recent passage of mandatory data retention legislation (and the virtually unfettered...

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