We wrote about PureVPN a little while ago, and they’ve gotten in touch to let us in on a little surprise; it’s their birthday, and to celebrate, they’re offering two years of their premium VPN service for the price of one.

PureVPN claims to be one of the biggest VPN providers with the world’s largest VPN network, with servers and exit points in over 100 countries. We’ve taken their service for a spin while travelling internationally, and found it a rather good way to access Australian-only content (hello Foxtel!) from abroad, and you can use it in reverse to access overseas content in Australia too. Not to mention the privacy and data security implications that naturally flow as well.

In any event, if you’d like two years of VPN service which you can use amongst your devices for the equivalent of a couple of dollars a month, check out their plans and sign up today.

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Source: PureVPN blog.
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great price and even greater list of available servers!!! 2 bad I still have 2+ years on the one I’m on but the server list doesn’t even compare 🙁


Wondering whether it works well in China. If I buy this mainly used when I am in China.


How does it compare to the VPN service that comes with Getflix ?


Not sure about features, but on first impressions it’s only just fast enough to stream Netflix at the lowest quality (seems worse than an old 700MB screener). Speed Test of about 42Mbps via my optus cable goes down to less than half a Mbps when through a PureVPN USA server.


Well, it seems that experiences greatly vary depending on time of day, server, etc.
Getting 3Mbps through one of the USA servers now – not bad at all.


Anyone else sign up to this deal? I just signed up (to the 12mths Plan with 1 Year Free), but it is saying my next billing date is 13-May-2016 (in 1yrs time!). No mention of the free year in my account details. The only mention of it was in the check-out and in an email subject “RE: PureVPN Credentials [Yearly Account + 1 Free Year]”.

Daniel Tyson

Yeah I signed up last night – billing : is May next year and I had the Year + 1 Free Year. Assuming at this stage that it’s an oversight.


I signed up last week after reading Ausdroids article about them.


It’s public, I can see the offer on their order page. True though! It’s a really good offer. (Y)

Chris Huang

damn, that’s a good offer! Is it for everybody or do i have to do something to get it?


It’s public, I can see the offer on their order page. True though, It’s a really good offer! (Y)