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Google wishes SMS happy birthday and farewell, further backing RCS through Google Messages

It's nearly 30 years since SMS was first introduced -- Am I that old? -- and Google has again upped the ante on messaging standards. In a blog post a short time ago, several...

Signal set to send SMS packing

It shouldn't be a surprise that SMS isn't exactly a secure communication protocol. That's one of the many reasons that there is such an array of communication apps; Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, Discord and...

Signal can now be used for announcement groups

Signal is one of the messaging apps that has seen a huge increase in userbase during the messaging wars of 2020 and 2021. As part of this upturn in userbase, their developers have...

Facebook Messenger hits 5 billion installs

If there was ever any doubt that Facebook has a stranglehold on the messaging market, they've hit 5 billion installs on another messaging app. Following -- Facebook-owned -- WhatsApp hitting the marker in...

Signal becomes the next messaging platform to add emoji reactions

Signal is one of the many messaging options available to users in the current market. The big selling point for Signal is the end-to-end encryption and the bonus is the really slick interface....

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