Signal is one of the many messaging options available to users in the current market. The big selling point for Signal is the end-to-end encryption and the bonus is the really slick interface. They’re set to join other leading messaging platforms with emoji reactions to messaging with it arriving in the Beta version.

As with any app or service, if you join a Beta program you need to accept that some features may not work or at some stage the app may just break. Only join these programs if you’re prepared to take that risk.

Where emoji can be hugely beneficial to users is for showing your reaction to an earlier message, simply acknowledging receipt of it and in group chats – not hammering everyone with your “LOL”.

The initial roll out of the feature has a limited emoji set which closely matches Facebook reaction — whether this will change or not in the stable release is yet to be seen.

If you’d like to become a Beta tester for Signal you can do so at the tap of a button here.

The new feature will apparently start rolling out to stable users soon.

Source: Signal Blog.