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Tile stands up to Apples anti-competitive practices, will the EU finally do the right...

It's interesting watching the international accusations of anti-competitive practices between large and small companies, and even states / nations and large companies. One thing that often surprises us is how much Apple with their...

Tile trackers are now fully integrated with Google Assistant and Google Nest devices

Tile launched an updated integration with Google Assistant a few months ago. At that time, Tile announced that Google Nest hardware would be able to find Tile trackers via their own Bluetooth connection and...

Tile gets deeper integration with the Google Assistant and Home/ Nest devices

The Internet of finding things seems to be gaining popularity with many consumers with both Google and Apple tipped to be launching object tracking devices soon. Tile is a long time entrant in the...

Tile brings Google Assistant and Alexa integration to their products

Tile is a "community-powered" finding platform that leverages the power of millions of users to help them find their valuables. They are now introducing smart home integration in the next generation of the...

Tile — Australian Review

I can be absent-minded, especially, it seems, with my keys. I've tried always putting them in the same place, which works whenever I remember, alas between not paying attention, kids, pets and spouses, my...

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