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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Phil’s best of tech in 2020

Normally when it comes to the end of a year, I enjoy looking back at what’s happened and the goodies we got to take a look at. This year, as a general rule, I...

Yubikey 5C NFC quick review — Hardware authentication has caught up to current standards

For at least two years now, discerning buyers have been migrating their hardware over to USB C for anything and everything possible. For around 12 months, a not insignificant number of buyers simply won’t...

Yubico leaps into big business with YubiEnterprise offerings for serious protection

Yubico, the company that brings us Yubikeys have taken a big step forward in their products launching YubiEnterprise. It’s a complete rethink on the way that businesses can handle their use of hardware...

Black Friday Deal from Yubico to help you protect your data

Black Friday is fast approaching and we’ll undoubtedly be seeing a lot of tech specials as the time nears. One that has landed in my email is from Yubico for their Yubikey USB 2FA...

YubiKey adds biometric security to hardware-based authentication keys

The latest addition to the YubiKey range of hardware is the YubiKey Bio, announced at Microsoft Ignite this week. The device adds fingerprint authentication to the already high level security offered by previous versions...

Yubico launches YubiKey 5Ci, a security key with dual USB C and Apple Lightning...

Security and authentication are big, complicated problems that lots of companies are trying to improve. It's not good enough to just set a password on something - passwords can be shared and compromised. Provision...

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