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How to listen to spatial and hi def music streaming, CD/HD, Ultra HD, Dolby...

Spatial audio and higher definition audio are great ways to listen to high quality music via Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, Tidal and other streaming services but how can you setup your phone, speakers, headphones...

Hue lights secret easy reset method using Alexa Zigbee speakers and displays

If you have some Philips Hue lights and your Hue Bridge controller fails you'll quickly realise there is no widely documented quick and easy way to reset and pair the lights to another Zigbee...

50% off RRP selected Amazon Echo Speakers and Displays til Sept 22 2020

If you're a subscriber to Amazon Music Unlimited or just started a free trial, you're eligible to get 50% off the usual price for selected Amazon Echo speakers and displays for the next week,...

Echo Studio Australian Review – Finally a Great Sounding Alexa Speaker

The launch of the new Echo Studio speaker by Amazon gives Australians a strong new contender to compare and contrast with other in home mains powered smart speaker options such as Sonos, Google, Bose...

Hey Alexa, Tell Me About Amazon’s 3 New Echo Speakers

Amazon Australia announced the availability today of three new speakers to join the existing family of smart home devices, some of them pictured below. The Echo Studio is the only completely new speaker launched...

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