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HTC’s two-day Vivecon 21 conference kicks off this Wednesday morning

HTC Vivecon, a virtual 2-day conference centred around the company's AR/VR Vive product range, is taking place this week. The conference is free to attend online, but you might want to register ahead of...

MWC 2019 – Hands on with the HTC Vive

One of the best parts of MWC is getting your hands on all of the latest devices, gadgets and toys from across the tech sphere. While taking a look at HTC's new 5G mobile...

Google puts the Earth into VR

With the all of Google's fingers in various VR Pies there can be little doubt that this is a platform that Google want's to get in on the ground floor with. Between tilt brush,...

HTC Vive Phone Companion app arrives in Google Play

The HTC Vive has begun shipping to customers, with US customers beginning to receive the VR system now. Before the final launch, HTC added smartphone notification functionality and now the companion app has arrived...

HTC and Valve open the Steam VR developer program offering HTC Vive Developer edition...

HTC's 'One More Thing' at their One M9 announcement in Spain at Mobile World Congress - took the tech world by storm. The announcement of the HTC Re Vive Virtual Reality headset was completely...

HTC Vive Australian hands-on: I’ve used the HTC Vive and I loved it

HTC held what will most likely be their biggest event this year at Mobile World Congress, they announced their latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One M9, their fitness band, the HTC Grip and then...

HTC’s Vive headmounted display is the company’s first foray into Virtual Reality

HTC has really upped their game in the last 12 months, branching out into a companion line of products under the ‘re’ brand. The re camera was launched last year and today, HTC has...

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