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Ausdroid Podcast 119 – Special guest, @evleaks

Welcome to episode 119 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week's podcast was graced with the presence of an extra voice, coming to us from the USA - Evan Blass, perhaps better known as @evleaks to...

LG executive says the company’s not making the Nexus 6 – sound familiar?

According to an interview with Netherlands-based Draad-Breuk, LG's Global Communications Director Ken Hong says his company is not making the rumoured (and anticipated) Nexus 6. Reportedly, Hong joked that he must have been passed-by or...

Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 names purportedly show up in Chromium code review

Google might be getting a little sloppy in their security, at least where leaks about upcoming Nexus devices are concerned. After showing the Nexus like code-name flounder in the Chrome bug tracker last week,...

Google’s Nexus 6 could be based on LG’s G3

We don't yet have an LG G3 released (but it's coming soon), and rumours are already circulating that LG will have the honours for this year's Nexus phone for the third year running. Nexus phones...

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