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Android 7.0 update for Nexus devices due Monday 22 August according to Canadian carrier

With the APIs for Nougat finalised and 5 developer previews in the wild, we're approaching the inevitable launch of both Android 7.0 Nougat and the hotly anticipated 2016 Nexus/ Google phones. If a post...

Confirmed: HTC is making two Nexus phones, and they just cleared the FCC

The launch of the 2016 Nexus phones is imminent, we've been seeing more and more appearing in the last week, including live images of one of the phones today. That is about to get...

Even more photos of the 2016 Nexus range leak out

Following the leak over the weekend of what looked like a promo shot for the upcoming Nexus devices, we've got -- via Android Police -- even further imagery of the smaller of the two...

More Nexus 2016 UI leaks

In the wake of this morning 'Nexus' benchmark leaks we are now getting a first look at some more UI refinements coming to the 2016 Google smartphones line-up, the 5.5" Marlin and 5" Sailfish. Courtsey...

What will the next Nexus phones be named?

Naming conventions just seem to be something that smartphone companies struggle with. We have top level OEMS swapping handset names and we have others 'skipping over the number 6. In the end, what's in...

Rumoured specs for the larger HTC Nexus phone – ‘Marlin’ – appear

The word around the water cooler is of course that Google is collaborating with HTC on at least two Nexus phones this year. The phones, which are currently codenamed Marlin and Sailfish are expected...

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