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NVIDIA Shield Upgrade 8.2 is the 25th software update for the Shield TV platform,...

Android OEMs aren't known for updates but NVIDIA wants you to know that they pride themselves on their track record with today's SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.2 marking the 25th update for the OG...

How To: Use Hotel / University WiFi With Android TV Boxes Like NVIDIA Shield...

If you take your Android TV Box eg NVIDIA Shield or Xiaomi mi box with you on holiday and expect to use it at a hotel using Hotel WiFi you probably won't be able...

Google Assistant comes to Android TV

Google Assistant is slowly making its way to all Google devices as Google attempts to make it not just a part of your life but make it encompass your entire life. Today Google...

NVIDIA Shield is bringing 360 degree video to your (Android) TV, thanks to YouTube

NVIDIA has announced today that there is an update coming to the YouTube app on Android TV, or at least on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV consoles. The update enables 360 degree video...

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