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Disney+ is now available on Telstra TV

Telstra announced yesterday that the Disney+ streaming service is finally available on Telstra TV devices. Considering the iOS and Android/Google TV platforms have had access since it launched in Australia way back on...

Creating your connected home entertainment system with the right core hardware

Mobile digital entertainment is part of the world we now live in. But what does that mean for everyone? For me, it means having access to streaming media and my personal collection...

Telstra TV 3 – Australian Review

It’s been just over 3 years since Telstra brought us its current TV streaming device, partnering with Roku instead of building a new product like they had previously done with the T-Box. The T-Box...

Telstra launches 3rd generation streaming device with localised voice control and no more lock-in...

Telstra has announced and launched its third generation streaming device, the Telstra TV, along with localised voice control along with no more lock-in Home Broadband plans for Telstra customers. The third generation of Telstra TV...

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